Welcome to the ICGA website: A welcome from the President.

This site, representing the ICGA community, aims to be a site of prime interest to computer-game enthusiasts across a wide spectrum of games. We hope you appreciate it and invite you to contribute to this site through the feedback channels, and consider joining the ICGA if you are not a member.

Computer Olympiad website

The website for the Computer Olympiad for registration and information is available on http://www.tcga.tw/icga-computer-olympiad-2018/en/.

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Hotel Information

The events will take place at the Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm, Sweden


The IJCAI and EUAI conferences, which are taking place in the same building as the ICGA event, have deals with a couple of local hotels. Visit https://book.passkey.com/event/49566506/owner/49181/home

for booking at one of those hotels. The main conference hotel is the Scandic Talk, which is attached to the same building as the ICGA event.  The cheapest room rates (room without a window) from that web site average  1,890 Swedish kronor per night, which is roughly USD $225 or 182 Euro.  A very wide range of hotels and room rates, with quite good deals, can be found at


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ICGA Chess Events Entry form

Please use this link to enter programs for the World Computer CHess Championship, World Chess Software Championship and Speed Chess: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfn2c2QFyjcyvobh9zL49Y265jWj3GItpF5Nmlz7Z7X_3J0vg/viewform

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Rules and Schedule

You will find the 2018  updated rules here: Rules ICGA events 2018 and  updated schedule here:

WCSC Schedule: WCSCplanning

WCCC Schedule: WCCCplanning

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World Computer Chess Championships 2018 – Tournament schedule

Please find attached the tournament schedule for this year’s ICGA Chess events in Stockholm, which are taking place from July 13th-19th: Excel: /wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ICGA-Chess-Schedule-2018.xlsx PDF: /wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ICGA-Chess-Schedule-2018-2.pdf

You will find here the schedule for the World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC), the World Chess Software Championship (WCSC) and the World Computer Speed Chess Championship. We have catered here for different numbers of participants, ranging from 7 to 12.

The tri-ennial ICGA Meeting will take place in two locations simultaneously – Taiwan (where the Computer Olympiad and ICGA games conference are being held), and Stockholm, with a video/audio link between the two. This will enable members in both locations to participate in the meeting.

More details of the championships, including the detailed rules and information about hotels and travel subsidies for participants, will be made available in the near future.

There will be an International Grandmaster present in Stockholm to comment on the games for spectators in the tournament hall and online.

Kind Regards,

David Levy

[ICGA President]

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World Computer Chess Championships 2018

The International Computer Games Association (ICGA) is very pleased to announce that the 2018 World Computer Chess Championship, as well as the 2018 World Chess Software Championship and the 2018 World Computer Speed Chess Championship, will all take place in Stockholm, alongside the conferences of IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) and ECAI (European Conference on Artificial Intelligence).

Some ICGA members and chess participants might recall that the very first World Computer Chess Championship was held in Stockholm in 1974.

The dates are July 13th-19th inclusive (7 days).

Participating program teams will receive a certain amount of financial support towards their travel and accommodation costs, and will be able to take advantage of discounted hotel rates arranged by the IJCAI/ECAI organizers. More details will be provided in the near future, including details of how to register for the championships.

Kind Regards,

David Levy

[President – ICGA]

email: davidlevylondon@yahoo.com

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Call for papers

The website for the Conference and the Computer Olympiad can be found at http://icga.ntpu.edu.tw/icga2018/. The flyer for the call for papers can be downloaded from this site: call for paper-english-20180125-chen.

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ICGA Events for 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The ICGA is pleased to announce that the 2018 Computer Olympiad (July 7th-13th) and the 10th International Conference on Computer and Games (CG 2018, July 9th-11th) will be held in Taiwan.

The Chess events, including the World Computer Chess Championship, World Chess Software Championship (uniform platform event) and the Speed Chess World Computer Championship, will take place in Europe, either in mid-July or in November. The dates depend on which of two locations is chosen, which we hope to know in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,

David Levy

[President – ICGA]

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Komodo wins the WCCC

After 6 play-off games Komodo has won the title World Computer Chess Champion 2017! Congratulations to Komodo and the team behind it!

Final standings:

  1. Komodo
  2. Jonny
  3. Shredder
  4. Chiron

More information is available on the WCCC 2017 page.

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WCCC Play-offs

With all games ended, there will be play-offs for place 1-2 between Jonny and Komodo and for place 3 between Shredder and Chiron. First 2 games with 45 min. + 15 s time control will be played.

If those games are equal, we will decide how to go further.

There will be played play-offs. 

First set, two games with 45m+15s time control:

Komodo - Jonny    1/2     Jonny    - Komodo 1/2

Chiron - Shredder 1/2     Shredder - Chiron 1/2

Second set, two games with 20m+15s time control: 

Jonny  - Komodo   1/2     Komodo   - Jonny  1/2

Chiron - Shredder 0-1     Shredder - Chiron 1/2

Third set, two games with 10m+10s time control:

Jonny  - Komodo   1/2     Komodo   - Jonny  1-0 


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