2023 ICGA Activities

1. World Computer Chess Championships

We are delighted to be holding the 2023 World Computer Chess Championships in beautiful Valencia, Spain over the period July 8-16. We are grateful to the  Polytechnical University of Valencia and the Valencia Community Chess Federation for their support.

The three events being contested are:

  • 2023 World Computer Chess Championship (no hardware limit)
  • 2023 World Chess Software Championship (all entrants use the same hardware)
  • 2023 World Computer Speed Chess Championship (Blitz)

If you are interested in competing in any of the events, you must enter here by May 31. For more information, contact Jonathan Schaeffer.

2. Computer Olympiad

The 2023 Computer Olympiad will be held online in August. August 8 is the registration deadline. Go for the gold (or silver, or bronze)! More information is available here. Register your program here.

3. Advances in Computer Games Conference

The 2023 Advances in Computer Games conference will be held online November 28-30, 2023. The program co-chairs are Michael Hartisch (University Siegen, Germany) and Chu-Hsuan Hsueh (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan). The submission deadline is September 11.

The Call for Papers can be found here.

4. ICGA President Opportunity

Normally the ICGA President is appointed for a three-year period. I began my term in August 2019. Because of the pandemic, ICGA activities were minimal for a couple of years. Hence I stayed on beyond 2022 so that I could contribute three full years of service to the ICGA. It is my intention to end my term in July 2024.

The ICGA President oversees our (almost) 50-year-old organization. Annually the President initiates the World Computer Chess Championships, Computer Olympiad, and computer games conference (Advances in Computer Gamesand Computers and Games in alternating years). The President oversees the running of the ICGA, including attracting members, oversight of the ICGA Journal, and ensuring that the ICGA is financially responsible.

If you want more information on this opportunity, please contact Jonathan Schaeffer.

5. ICGA Treasurer Opportunity

After many, many years as ICGA Treasurer, Hiroyuki Iida would like to step down. The ICGA is a small organization and so the volume of transactions is not large. Further we have a part-time assistant who takes care of the day-to-day activities.

If you want more information on this opportunity, please contact Hiroyuki Iida.

6. ICGA Journal

As always we are looking for interesting articles for the ICGA Journal. Perhaps you’ve has some success with new ideas in your game playing program? Tell our readership about it! Don’t be intimidated by an academic journal. You may not be an experienced paper writer but we can help you. The ideas come first. The presentation is the easy part.

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