Volume 41, number 2, 2019



M. Winands – Editorial: Research trends

Research Articles

A. Zafar, H. Mujtaba, M.T. Baig and M.O. Beg – Using patterns as objectives for general video game level generation

Y. Mandai and T. Kaneko – RankNet for evaluation functions of the game of Go

Tournaments and Conference Reporting

G. Haworth and N. Hernandez – TCEC13: The 13th top chess engine championship

G. Haworth and N. Hernandez – TCEC Cup 2

T. Cazenave, A. Saffidine and N. Sturtevant – Computer Games Workshop at IJCAI 2018

G. Haworth – Chess endgame news: Understanding minor piece endgames

L. Sandin and G. Haworth – The SSDF Chess Engine Rating List 2019-02

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