Volume 41, number 1, 2019



M. Winands – Editorial

Research Articles

Y.-C. Chen and S.-S. Lin – A fast nonogram solver that won the TAAI 2017 and ICGA 2018 tournaments

J.-J. van Horssen – Move selection in MTD(f )

Tournaments and Conference Reporting

G. Haworth and N. Hernandez – TCEC12: The 12th Top Chess Engine Championship

G. Haworth and N. Hernandez – TCEC Cup 1

C. Gao, K. Takada and R. Hayward – 2018 New Taipei City Computer Olympiad Report. Hex 2018: MoHex3HNN over

C.-N. Lin, F. Letouzey and S.-J. Yen – Decapus wins Othello 10 × 10 tournament

J.-K. Yang and S.-J. Yen – Kavalan wins Connect6 tournament

C.-H. Hsueh and I-C. Wu – EWIN wins EinStein Würfelt Nicht! tournament


K. Müller and G. Haworth – FINALGEN revisited: new discoveries

Call for Papers

Advances in Computer and Games Conference (ACG2019)

Special Issue on Computer Aided Game and Puzzle Design

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