Computer Olympiad Rules

The following rules will be used for an online Computer Olympiad. Send constructive feedback to

  • The program must be the original work and created/designed by each team.
  • The same program can only register once.
  • Modification of a program during a game is not allowed. Modification of a program between games is permitted.
  • After each game, both teams must electronically submit a record of the game.
  • Each competition will have a referee whose job it is to oversee the competition, ensure that it runs smoothly, and deal with any disputes.
  • During the period between the registration deadline and the start of play, entrants in a competition are expected to cooperate with each other to schedule their games (Scheduling Period). Because of the online format, competitors can be in any time zone. It is more convenient for the players to arrange a time to play that works for them, rather than having a fixed schedule of play. Anyone being uncooperative or imposing unreasonable constraints on the scheduling of games may be penalized by the referee.
  • During the Scheduling Period, the referee will get in touch with all the competitors in a competition. Competitors should ask questions then to clarify any concerns they have with the rules.
  • During the Scheduling Period, the referee will consult with the players on the number of games to be played (no less than a double round robin, but the players can agree to more games), the time control to be used, the playoff format, and any special rules.
  • The default time control is 30 minutes per player per game. Exceeding your allocated time results in a forfeit.
  • At the end of the Scheduling Period, the referee will ask each competitor to formally acknowledge that they agree with the rules.
  • All round-robin games must be completed during the Competition Period.
  • A competitor who does not show up within 10 minutes of the agreed-upon playing time may be forfeited. The competitors are encouraged to reschedule the game. Should this not be possible or practical, the referee can forfeit a competitor.
  • If a program crashes or an Internet connection is lost during a game, play in the game continues. The disrupted program must rejoin the game, else it will forfeit when the time on their clock expires. The penalty for a crash or lost connection is the time on their clock lost to rejoin the game.
  • Playoffs, if needed, will commence after the Competition Period and complete within three days (the Playoff Period). The playoff competitors agree to schedule their games at times that are appropriate to ensure that the final results are determined by the end of the Playoff Period.
  • The referee’s interpretation of the rules and resolution of a dispute is final.
  • All dates refer to the end of day “anywhere on earth” (UTC-12).

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