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Leela Chess Zero and Ginkgo share speed chess title

Due to time constraints on the Friday afternoon, the World Computer Speed Chess ended almost at closing time. This tournament ended with both Leela Chess Zero and Ginkgo on top of the ranking list. And therefore the decision was made to call both programs World Champion Computer Speed Chess 2022. Congratulations to both teams!

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Komodo Dragon is again World Computer Chess Champion

After a tense play-off on Friday, an Armageddon game between Komodo Dragon and Leela Chess Zero was necessary. As this game also ended in a draw, Komodo Dragon is the new (and old) World Computer Chess Champion. Congratulations to Mark Lefler, Larry Kaufmann, Erdo Gunes and the team!

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WCCC has started

Today the World Computer Chess Championships have started in Vienna, Austria. This tournaments lasts until Friday, with three games per day and one on Friday.

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Ginkgo is the new WCSC champion!

After the play-off with two games 10 minutes + 10 seconds per move everything was equal again. To find a winner of the tournament, an Armageddon game was played with white having 6 minutes + 10 seconds per move and black 3 minutes + 5 minutes per move. This game resulted in a draw by repetition and therefore the winner of this tournament is Ginkgo.

The organisation congratulates Ginkgo, his programmer Frank Schneider and operator Wolfgang Zugrav!

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Computer Olympiad Results

Posted daily here.

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WCSC started in Vienna

In the Messe Wien in Vienna, the World Chess Software Championship has started. All information can be found on the following page https://icga.org/?page_id=3539. You can also reach that page through the menu!

Live games: https://view.livechesscloud.com/#175173b0-40c4-4e33-8b23-a4e6d6ea0d92

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Computer Olympiad!

July 14 is the last day to register for the Computer Olympiad. The Olympiad starts in 10 days and it is being held online. Check back on this page for results.

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World Computer Chess Championships (Vienna)!

The World Computer Chess Championships start in 10 days! It is being held in Vienna as part of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI). Results will be posted here.

If you live in or near Vienna, please come by for a visit. The event is being held at the Messe Wien Exhibition and Congress Center.

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2022 ICGA Events

We are excited to announce…

  • The 2022 Computers and Games conference (online, November 22-24). The Call for Papers is here.
  • The 2022 Computer Olympiad (online, July 23-29). The Call for Participation is here.
  • The World Computer Chess Championships. More information can be found here.

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ICGA Events in 2022

Planning is underway for…

  • Computers and Games conference, online, tentatively November. Start writing your paper!
  • Computer Olympiad, online and possibly hybrid, tentatively July 23-29. Start improving your program!
  • World Computer Chess Championship, co-located with the IJCAI conference (Vienna, Austria), July 23-29. Start planning your holiday to participate/attend this important event, first contested in 1974!

If you want more information, pleas contact jonathan@ualberta.ca. We expect to finalize details by the end of March.

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