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TwixT is a two-player connection game, invented by Alex Randolph. As for Go, it is hard to write a program for TwixT although the rules are quite simple. The number of possible moves is large and judging a board position is fairly difficult. Currently no good program for TwixT exists. 

At the 7th Computer Olympiad Johannes Schwagereit made a challenge to write TwixT programs for the Computer Olympiad 2003. He has plans to finish a TwixT program by then.


A short introduction to the rules can be found can be found at the MSO website.

The following issues for Computer TwixT have to be discussed:

  • What is the convention for coordinates? Proposal:  the rows are numbered 1 to 24, and the columns are lettered A to X.

  • Should the pie-rule be used? (Explanation by David Bush: 'After the first player (Red) makes the first move, the 2nd player has the option of responding normally as Black, or swapping sides. If sides are swapped, the player who moved first as Red is now Black, and makes the next move. Sides may be swapped only once per game. If the 2nd player chooses not to swap after Red's first move, then sides may not be swapped at all that game.')

  • Should 'automatic linking' be used for a normal move? (Explanation: any links, which can be added to this peg, without removing other links, are automatically added).
    • What is then the notation? Proposal: dashes '-' should added after the coordinates, one for each 'auto link' played.

  • Should 'unlinking' and 'non-automatic linking' have to be implemented for 2003? If this is the case the notation for moves as described in is used.

If you have the intention to write a TwixT program and have some ideas about this, please send an email to

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TwixT Program Pages

  • Projekt TwixT The only available TwixT program. It is a Java program with a nice user interface, but the play is not that strong. In German.

  • Schwagereit's TwixT page Johannes Schwagereit is building a TwixT program.

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