Komodo wins WCSC after play-offs

Komodo has won the World Chess Software Championship 2018 after the play-offs. Congratulations to the Komodo team.

During round 9 it was not at all clear who would be joining Booot. It could have been Jonny, it could have been Komodo, it could have been Ginkgo or even two of these programs. In the end Komodo won from Jonny after Ginkgo had drawn against Chiron and joined therefore Booot in the play-off.

In the first game of the play-off Booot lost. And also in the second game Komodo won. And thus it is Komodo who will be crowned the champion for 2018. The prize giving ceremony will be held on Monday before the second round of the WCCC.

For the participants in the WCCC: approx. 8:30 there will be a short meeting with the drawing of the lots for the WCCC!

(Result of first play-off match is given incorrect in the live transmission! Komodo won the game)

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