Allegations against two more Chess Engines – The LOOP Program

By David Levy

The International Computer Games Association (ICGA) has received a formal complaint from Fabien Letouzey, the programmer of FRUIT, regarding the program LOOP. In addition the ICGA has received sufficient prima facie evidence to warrant an investigation. The allegation is that LOOP, which has participated in the World Computer Chess Championship, uses code derived from FRUIT. FRUIT placed second at the 2005 World Computer Chess Championship in Reykjavik.

LOOP was developed by Dr Fritz Reul. The ICGA has attempted to contact Dr Reul in order to give him the opportunity of commenting on the allegation prior to the ICGA conducting a technical investigation into LOOP, but it appears to us that Dr Reul does not wish to be found. The email address that had previously been used by Dr Reul is no longer active, so on behalf of the ICGA I have sent him two emails via a friend of his who indicated that he would pass email on to Dr Reul, who did not respond to either of my emails.

The ICGA is now commencing an “in absentia” investigation into LOOP in order to examine the allegation about the use of code derived from FRUIT. If Dr Reul wishes to defend himself against these allegations the ICGA would be pleased to hear from him. He will then be invited to comment on any evidence that the ICGA might consider during the investigation process.

Allegations have also been made concerning the program THINKER, which will also be the subject of an ICGA investigation.

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