2020 ICGA Events — Important Date Information

Originally, the ICGA events — Computers and Games conference, Computer Olympiad, World Computer Chess Championships — were to be held in Spain this week. The pandemic caused the conference to move to the beginning of September and then move online. The ICGA has been working to find good solutions for hosting our events.

We hope to return to normal for our 2021 events, but for this year the following decisions have been made:

Conference: There will be no conference this year. For those of you who were hoping to publish in this year’s Computers and Games conference, please consider submitting to the ICGA Journal.

Computer Olympiad: This year’s Olympiad will be online. We will be using a platform built on Ludii. Ludii has been designed to support a wide variety of games, and we expect it will support all of the Olympiad games. The networked version of the software is being tested and we will do test tournaments this summer. The target is for an Olympiad in October. More details will be coming in July.
Thank you to the Ludii team for their hard work to make the Olympiad possible.

Computer Chess Championships: We are working towards having one or more chess events online later this year (November, possibly December).

An important strength of the ICGA community is that we get together once a year to exchange research ideas and test our programs. The person-to-person communication and connections that are made at these events are an important part of building and sustaining our community. I sincerely hope we will see each other in 2021.

Take care.

Jonathan Schaeffer
President, ICGA

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