2020 ICGA Events — Important Updates

Thank you for your patience regarding ICGA events for 2020. The pandemic has played havoc with our plans for our annual events, which were to be held in Spain in June. Since then we have been scrambling for solutions.

1. Computers and Games conference 2020 — cancelled. This was previously announced.
2. NEW: World Computer Chess Championships 2020 — cancelled. This was a difficult decision, but the logistics to move these events online in a timely way were challenging.

Hopefully both events will be held in 2021.

3. NEW: Computer Olympiad. I am delighted to announce that the Computer Olympiad will be held online during November-December 2020. Please see the ICGA site (under the drop-down menu Computer Olympiad) for the details.

The best way you can support the ICGA is to enter a program into one of the Olympiad competitions (or encourage your friends to enter a program). And if your favorite game has not been in the Olympiad recently, let us know and we would be happy to add it to this year’s list of competitions.

Any questions? Send me email: jonathan@ualberta.ca

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