Welcome to the ICGA website: A welcome from the President.

This site, representing the ICGA community, aims to be a site of prime interest to computer-game enthusiasts across a wide spectrum of games. We hope you appreciate it and invite you to contribute to this site through the feedback channels, and consider joining the ICGA if you are not a member.

WCSC 2019

All information for the World Chess Software Championship can be found on the special page: https://icga.org/?page_id=2804

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Schedules and Locations

The schedule for the chess events has changed: https://icga.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Planning-ICGA-Chess-2019-v4.pdf.

Also the schedule for the ACG 2019 is available: https://www.lamsade.dauphine.fr/~cazenave/acg2019/schedule.html.

The Computer Olympiad and Computer Chess events take place in the Venetian rooms Florence 2202+2203+2204. The Conference takes place in the Venetian room Florence 2306.

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Extra prizes

With only two weeks to go, the organisation is busy finalising prerequisites for the activities in Macau. We have some good news about extra prizes to win.

Prof. Ingo Althoefer has given the organisation an extra prize for the winner of the Einstein Wuerfelt Nicht competition: a beautiful set of the game.

For the winners of each of the chess competitions Chessbase has given the organisation an extra prize too.

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Conference Registration

For all participants of the 16th ACG conference: please also send an email to info@icga.org for completing your participation in the conference.

For payments see below the post about the registration fees (https://icga.org/?p=2768). It will also be possible to pay in cash at the location by giving the money to Grace Krabbenbos.

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ICGA’s 16th Advances in Computer Games conference

The ICGA’s 16th Advances in Computer Games conference will take place in Macau, at the Venetian, alongside the other ICGA events (World Computer Chess Championships and Computer Olympiad).The ACG conference will run from August 11th-13th 2019.

All participants who are registered for the IJCAI conference, also taking place in the Venetian, are welcome to attend the ACG conference free of charge (subject to available seating). Those IJCAI participants who wish to join the ACG lunches will be asked to pay for their lunches at cost, but will be welcome to participate in the coffee breaks free of charge.

For further information about the AGC conference please visit https://icga.org/?page_id=2679

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Computer Olympiad registration fees

Advance payments are preferred and can be made in any of the following ways:

  1. By direct bank transfer to ING Bank, the Netherlands, IBAN NL34INGB0003988921, BIC INGBNL2A, Leiden, the Netherlands.
  2. By PayPal service via the Internet. Name of ICGA is info@icga.org.
  3. Payment by credit card (Visa/Mastercard). Send your credit-card details (Visa or Mastercard, full name on card, card number, expiry date, and address), the amount to be paid to Hiroyuki Iida, Email: iida@jaist.ac.jp, Business Fax: +81 (761) 51 1149.
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Hotel rooms in Macao

Participants in the ICGA events in Macao may, if they book quickly, take advantage of the IJCAI special hotel rates, which are available for a modest number of rooms. 

In order to see the possibilities and make your reservations please visit:


When booking please indicate that you are a particpant in the ICGA events.

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2019 Chess, Computer Olympiad and Conference information

The information about the 2019 ICGA events in Macao can be found as follows:

  • Information about the 16th ACG conference can be found here: ACG 16.
  • Information about the Chess events can be found here: Chess Events
  • Information about the Computer Olympiad can be found here: Computer Olympiad.
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Announcement by David Levy

During the ICGA’s triennial meeting in Stockholm this past July, I announced that the term of office commencing this year would definitely be my final period as President. I have held the position from 1986-1992 and from 1999 to the present day, and it is high time for someone younger to take on the Presidency.

In fact I had already tried but failed to find a replacement President to take over as from July, but none of the three people I asked, any of whom would be an outstanding President in my opinion, were available. In each case they responded that they had too many commitments to be able to devote themselves sufficiently to the demands of the ICGA.

Since then, however, things have changed. I am delighted to report that Professor Jonathan Schaeffer is now available. I shall therefore be calling a special meeting of members, when I shall propose that Jonathan take over the presidency. That meeting will take place during the period August 10th-16th 2019, in Macao, where the ICGA will be holding its annual events – the World Computer Chess Championships, the Computer Olympiad, and the Conference on Computer Games. These will take place alongside the 2019 IJCAI Conference, and the ICGA is proud to be associated with IJCAI in this way for the second successive year.

Jonathan needs no introduction to ICGA members and the computer games community at large. His achievements in our field are legendary. He led the Chinook program team, the first program to win a human world championship in any game (he later solved the game of Checkers, proving that the result with best play is a draw). He also led a team that developed a world champion level Hold ‘Em poker program, and in his youth he was the author of the Phoenix program which tied for 1st place in the 1986 World Computer Chess Championship.


I have unbounded confidence that Jonathan will be an extremely popular and successful ICGA President, and will take the ICGA to a new level within the world of AI.

David Levy

London, December 2018

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2019 World Computer Chess Championships, Computer Olympiad and Games Conference to be held in Macao

The International Computer Games Association (ICGA) is very pleased to announce that our 2019 events will be held in Macao, alongside the annual conference of the International Joint Conference for Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI).

The dates are August 10th-16th. Full details will appear in due course.

The World Computer Chess Championships will be sponsored with a 5,000 Euro prize fund, and travel subsidies for chess programs rated 2500 or more.

More details of the IJCAI conference can be found at https://ijcai19.org/

David Levy

[President – ICGA]

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