Welcome to the ICGA website: A welcome from the President.

This site, representing the ICGA community, aims to be a site of prime interest to computer-game enthusiasts across a wide spectrum of games. We hope you appreciate it and invite you to contribute to this site through the feedback channels, and consider joining the ICGA if you are not a member.

World Computer Chess Software Championship (Day 1)

Round 5 starts at 19:00

The live games of the World Computer Software Championship can be followed on: WCSC2018 Live games. You have to select the round and game in the top right if you do not see a live game!

Pairings, results and standings can be found at http://icga.org/pairing/wcsc2018/. See also https://icga.org/?page_id=2461 where all information will be gathered. There also the schedule is added to the rounds.

GM Harry Schüssler from Sweden will give commentary with the games. A video link has crashed and will not be available anymore.

Archived games so far: WCSC2018.pgn. Games are in a zipped pgn file.

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World Blitz starts at 12:00

More information on https://icga.org/?page_id=2475.

The games will not be broadcasted! After the tournament the results and all games will be published on this website.

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Computer Olympiad started in Taipeh, Taiwan

Yesterday the Computer Olympiad started in Taipeh, Taiwan. For results and photos we will use Facebook first and post them here at a later moment. See also the website for more information.

Tomorrow, on Monday the Conference on Computers and Games will also start. For more information see the website.

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GM Schussler commenting the chess games

International Grandmaster Harry Schussler will be commenting on all the rounds of the WCSC and the WCCC in Stockholm, Sweden.  He will be there all day on each of the playing days.

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AlphaGo film

The AlphaGo film will be shown at the WCCC/WCSC playing location on Friday 13 July, 18:00.

AlphaGo chronicles a journey from the backstreets of Bordeaux, past the coding terminals of Google DeepMind, to Seoul, where a legendary Go master faces an unproven AI challenger. As the drama unfolds, questions emerge: What can artificial intelligence reveal about a 3000-year- old game? What will it teach us about humanity?

The ICGA thanks Google Deep Mind and Ro*Co Films for permitting the showing of the documentary.

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WCCC Update

Due to site limitations and time, there are only 4 spaces left for WCCC. First come first serve, so if you want to enter, now is a good time.

Note you can now bring your favorite mouse to use in all three tournaments.

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Prizes at the World Computer Chess Championships in Stockholm, July 13th-19th 2018

Thank you to all who sent us have their opinions about the distribution of the 5,000 Euro prize fund for the Stockholm tournaments.

A big majority of you are in favour of having prizes for all three tournaments, and for having three prizes within each tournament.

The prize fund distribution will therefore be as follows:

World Computer Chess Championship (open to all hardware)

First  1,500 Euro
Second 500 Euro
Third 250 Euro

World Chess Software Championship  (uniform platform event)

First 1,500 Euro
Second  500 Euro
Third  250 Euro

World Computer Speed Chess Championship

First  350 Euro
Second  100 Euro
Third  50 Euro

David Levy

[President – ICGA]

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Computer Chess Participants list

The current list of participants is added on a separate page, displaying the tournaments they have joined. You can find this page here: 2018 Chess Events Participants list. When new entries arrive, they will be added to this list.

Also an overview page has been added containing an overview list of everything published  on the tournament. It can be found under the Chess Events menu too or direct via Chess Events 2018 Stockholm, Sweden.

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World Computer Chess Championship Prize Fund

The ICGA is pleased to announce that the World Computer Chess Championship tournaments in Stockholm (July 13th-19th) will have a total prize fund of 5,000 Euro (approximately USA$6,000).

Before deciding how to allocate this prize fund we would like to hear from prospective participants as to how they believe the money should be split. In particular we would appreciate input on two questions:

[a] How should the 5,000 Euro be split between the World Computer Chess Championship, the World Chess Software Championship (uniform platform event), and the Would Computer Speed Chess Championship?

[b] Should the total for each tournament be given as one prize, or should there be two prizes or three?

Please let me have your input not later than May 6th, to davidlevylondon@yahoo.com

Kind regards to all.

David Levy
[ICGA President]

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Computer Olympiad website

The website for the Computer Olympiad for registration and information is available on http://www.tcga.tw/icga-computer-olympiad-2018/en/.

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